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CSS Cut Size Sheeter


the slitter is able to split the reel in 2 or 4 parts.
it is possible to equip the CSS with further two slitters for the side trimmings of the reels


- it allows to transform the width of the reel directly into the final dimension of the sheet
- contains the size of the cut
- improves the quality of the created ream


- high cutting speed: 400 cuts/min
- simplified blade setting and change


- possibility to produce reams from 250 to 1000 sheets
- automatic reams change


The reams obtained with the settled sheets quantity can be loaded directly on a conveyor belt or in a tray or in a box, and transferred to an automatic packaging system:
- heatshrink wrapping machines, in the first two cases
- taping, labelling and palletizing machines, in the case of boxes


- ream packed with heatshrinkable film
- ream packed automatically in taped box, labeled and palletized

to format finished
in a package

The CSS, a brand new cut size sheeter, is based on the mechanical and electronic expertise of the technicians at 4M Refai who have had over two decades’ experience in the paper converting industry.
The CSS, together with the cutters in the Flexy Cut line, completes the range of cut size sheeters.
The efficiency of the CSS cut size sheeters is equally as impressive as that of the Flexy Cut cutters.

This is thanks to the high quality of the mechanical and electronic components which ensure absolute precision in the cutting and forming of the reams. 4M Refai can produce its CSS cut size sheeters to measure according to cutting size and the particular needs of its customers. This only goes to show the company’s great versatility.


- tissue paper,
- wrapping paper,
- gift paper,
- coupled paper etc. in the weight from 20 to 60 gsm



- the CSS cut size sheeter can also be combined with an embossing press for the production of paper napkins
- the embossing press is directly controlled by the PLC and the movements of the cylinders are completely automatic