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Mechanical Constructions
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Standard Dressing

Flexy Cut
Series 08-11 | 10-11 | 12-11 | 15-11

  • Sheeter made with four B&R brushless motors and drives in axes.

  • Full electronic working, with low mechanical maintenance.

  • Strong steel construction (robot welding and milling).

  • Register control through electronic photocell for pre printed reels.

  • Sheet squareness set for each cut size.

  • Sheets transport with belts, collection on cylinder, pile up with clamps bar.

  • High pile table made with hydraulic platform.

  • Proximity for the upper edge detection of the ream.

  • Graphic touch screen control panel of 10.4”, put on a rotating arm.

  • Quick set adjustment to change the cutting lenght, suitable for short runs.

  • Page of menu with database to memorized the jobs already done.

  • Phone check of the machine with modem for the diagnostic of eventual faults.

  • Ethernet power link net.

  • Low noise emissions thanks to the built accuracy.

  • Aluminium/lexan safety guards.

Cut Materials

  • Paper (tissue-paper, wrapping paper, gift paper), cardboards, adhesive paper, silicon paper and others in the weight of 10 to 250 g/m ².

  • Plastic materials (PP, PE)
    in the thickness of 30 to 200 µm.

  • Aluminium in the thickness
    of 30 to 200 µm.

  • Coupled materials.